The Kombucha Freedom Warrior

As fermented products become more common as health fads, questions about regulation are being raised. For one, kombucha is the product of fermenting tea with a culture of live yeast and bacteria. As a result, the beverage has a variable alcohol content—and some of its producers are being targeted by the federal regulators. In this […]

Drink: Brodo

I’ve not tried it, and I’m not sure it will catch on nationally, but it is something different — It reads like the perfect storm of food item appeal: soaking otherwise toss-able animal bones in water (sustainability: check) to create a nutrient-rich brew (paleo-friendly: check) for sale in paper to-go cups out of a window […]

Friday Poll: Third Annual Eggnog Poll

Eggnog? Embed from Getty Images If one’s been around a bit, one has the opportunity for annual posts or polls, including this one: an eggnog poll. So, a simple question: eggnog, yes or no? Here’s a link to an eggnog recipe that I’ll try this Christmas – 1958: Eggnog @ New York Times Cooking.

How Many Visits for a Restaurant Review?

How many trips should a reviewer make before publishing a review?  I think at least two, if not three.(Exceptions would apply when one is revisiting an establishment that one has reviewed previously, or when one is traveling and a second visit is impractical.) One can review after one evening, but a single, first-visit review just doesn’t seem […]

Restaurant Review: 841 Brew House

I’m beginning a new, spring and summer series of restaurant reviews. I’ll begin with something that, itself, is new: the restaurant at 841 Milwaukee Street, having opened at the beginning of the year.  The 841 Brew House is a sports bar and restaurant, and differs notably and favorably from the predecessor establishment at that location.  […]

The Perils of Eggnog

In a recent FW poll, I asked if readers would say yes or no to eggnog. (Most supported the holiday beverage, and I was among them, favoring it in my case in small doses.) It is, however, always possible to have too much of a good thing, as Ryan Roche of Utah learned, after he […]