Another ‘Advisory Council’ Isn’t What Whitewater Needs

Whitewater has a same-ten-people problem, derived from a few people living behind (metaphorically) a narrow and high perimeter fence, with those few often producing mediocre work, while the city’s economy stagnates.

And yet, and yet – one reads that even during the third investigation for sexual harassment & assault concerning the relative she appointed, supervised, and allowed to work without community warning during two prior investigations – Chancellor Beverly Kopper proposes an advisory council “that will seek to expand and build new partnerships between business, community, and governmental organizations.”

She’s sure that “[a] strong community benefits a university, and a thriving university benefits the community.”

A trite platitude will not do. In any event, someone who has been in Whitewater for years, and managed in her current role so poorly, now presumes to promote a community effort.

No, and no again.

A strong community and a strong university both rest on sound principles of diligence, servant leadership, and institutional and personal accountability for wrongs inflicted on individuals.

Over these years I’ve been writing, dozens and dozens of officials who touted themselves, or residents who fancied themselves, the next big thing have come and gone, often in disappointment.

Whitewater’s true betterment requires better – higher – standards of leadership and official accountability.

No ‘legislative and community outreach’ man will cure what afflicts Whitewater’s officials and political culture. His work, of whatever kind, will be nothing more than a diversion from actual injuries to individuals who are as much (or one could say more) members of this community than he is.

There will be no worthy ‘governmental affairs’ solution, no ‘advisory council solution,’ and no ‘community’ solution in this city until all its residents are treated with equal rights and afforded equal consideration.

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Stephanie Vander Pas
5 years ago

Do you think she’d appoint me to the advisory council? I’m more than qualified.