The Price of Trumpism is Ruin

Craig Gilbert looks at the careers of Priebus, Ryan, and Walker: They led the “Cheesehead Revolution,” the GOP’s audacious conquest of Wisconsin. They offered a model for bridging Republican frictions between establishment and base. They became national figures. They ran into Donald Trump. They suffered. They bent to his rise. Now one (Priebus) has left […]

What Paul Ryan’s Departure Means for Whitewater

Paul Ryan hasn’t been Whitewater’s congressman since the last gerrymandering. We’ve faraway septuagenarian multi-millionaire James Sensenbrenner now. Ryan, however, has been more powerful than Sensenbrenner ever could be. Janesville’s Ryan has held greater political power than anyone in our town, to be sure, ever has or ever will. And yet, and yet, Ryan’s done. If […]

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Winds Down

Over these eighteen months, Paul Ryan’s gone from opposition, to appeasement, to support of Trump’s key aims. Perhaps Ryan would have done better with Clinton as president, where he might have been a counterweight to a fundamentally rational chief executive. As it is, Ryan is a lightweight in the face of a fundamentally autocratic, ignorant, […]

Ryan on Foxconn

Paul Ryan, when not touting that it’s time to build a wall on our southern border, is busy emailing tired phrases (‘game-changer’, ‘hard-working’, ‘bottom line’) in support of huge public subsidies for Foxconn. Here’s the text of his recent email about Foxconn, so we may look back and see how the project fares against his […]