Trump, Ryan, and Walker Want to Seize Wisconsin Homes to Build Foxconn Plant

A video on how Trump, Ryan, and Walker are abusing eminent domain law and seek to destroy the homes of Wisconsinites to build the Foxconn plant is well worth watching. The short video was removed from YouTube over a bogus copyright claim, but it’s back online. (In the time since the video was first published, some homeowners have now succumbed to pressure and given up their homes.)

They felt that they had something nice in those homes, but neither Trump, nor Ryan, nor Walker cared about these homeowners and their private property.

In Whitewater, Kachel and Knight of the ‘Greater Whitewater’ Committee insist that they have a sincere interest in boosting single-family homeownership. Perhaps.

And yet, when they invited state operative Matt Moroney to speak on the benefits of Foxconn, these two men didn’t have any reported concerns about the taking of others’ single-family homes.

A principle that extends no farther than Howard Road isn’t a principle; it’s a situational expediency.

That way won’t lead to a greater Whitewater – it will lead only to a lesser Wisconsin, and a lesser America.

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