Laughable Spin as Industrial Policy

Alternative Title: Oh, no baby, of course I still love you…

 Josh Dzieza reports After a ‘personal conversation’ with Trump, Foxconn says it will build a factory in Wisconsin after all (At some point…):

Days after Foxconn’s Louis Woo told Reuters that the company is no longer planning to build a factory in Wisconsin, Foxconn says the factory plan is back on.

“After productive discussions between the White House and the company, and after a personal conversation between President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Terry Gou, Foxconn is moving forward with our planned construction of a Gen 6 fab facility,” a statement read. A Gen 6 facility is smaller than the factory Foxconn initially promised in 2017, but larger than the assembly facility Foxconn said it would build yesterday.

Today’s statement saying that the Gen 6 factory will be built after all does not contain a timeline or any further details.

(Emphasis added.)

If it takes a political discussion, it’s not a market-based deal.  If it’s not a market-based deal, it’s economically unfounded. 

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