The Next Guest Speaker

Last winter, the Greater Whitewater Committee, a local 501(c)(6) business league, invited Matt Moroney (a longtime Walker operative) to speak to residents on Foxconn’s many supposed benefits. The Daily Union‘s longtime stenographer correspondent dutifully and uncritically reported on Moroney’s remarks.  See A Sham News Story on Foxconn.

Over the years, key leaders of this business league have served on the Community Development Authority, where they’ve touted state public subsidies to chosen businesses via WEDC and other corporate welfare schemes.

(Indeed, they market these taxpayer-funded subsidies as though they were manna from God.  Quick theological reminder: The governor is not God, WEDC is not the heavenly host, and corporate welfare is not manna.  See Foxconn’s Shabby Workplace Conditions.)

Still, as a suggestion, why not make the next business league meeting something really special, and go all-out, in a costume affair?

Here’s just the speaker for the occasion —

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