Be Patient, UW-Madison: Only $99,300,000.00 to Go!

If a group invited a guest speaker who said the world was flat, then that group would be rightly discarded as a credible policy advocate. In Whitewater and other towns, crony-capitalist groups of different sizes proudly declared the Foxconn project a boon for Wisconsin. (Trump, himself, declared it a boon for the whole planet: “the eighth wonder of the world.”)

These gentlemen might ask UW-Madison how Foxconn’s promises have turned out for that school. Kelly Meyerhofer reports Foxconn pledged $100 million to UW-Madison. The school has so far received $700,000:

Roughly a year since Foxconn Technology Group pledged $100 million to help fund a new UW-Madison engineering building and company-related research, the university said it has received $700,000, less than 1% of the original commitment.


Foxconn’s master agreement with UW-Madison does not say how much it plans to provide the university or when, although the agreement is for five years. In fact, the 12-page document does not even mention a dollar figure and instead notes the company “intends to make a substantial investment in research and other activities” with UW-Madison, despite public statements in August 2018 referencing $100 million.

(Emphasis added.)

Be patient, Badgers – you’ve only $99,300,000.00 to go. Hey, Greater Whitewater Committee and Whitewater Community Development Authority – how about a bake sale to speed this process along?

I’d happily spring for a dozen croissants…


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4 years ago

Anyone paying attention pretty much knew the $100,000,000 press release was a gentle zephyr exiting from the collective nether regions of Walker and Gao.

How long before they start peddling their state-wide empire of “Innovation Centers”? I’ve not heard much about the MSN capital square bank building that they bought, lately. I’ve been of the opinion for some time that most of the innovation going on there is to find new and creative ways to transfer money from the bank downstairs to the big domed building across the street. Now that Terry lost his big bet on Walker, my guess is that there will be a circling of innovation center wagons at the Pleasant Prairie mothership, or more likely, somewhere in downtown Taipei.

4 years ago

those croissants look delicious mr john adams. but not a single tear for the cronies of alabama-on-cravath? i didn’t think so. me neither.

4 years ago

That overflowing sink picture explains (it seems to me) something about how WEDC-type deals look different today. For most people it has gone too far. These GOPers can’t stop talking the same way as Walker’s first term. It takes a strong delusion to believe in that today. Partisan loyalty is a terrible drug.