Foxconn’s ‘Innovation’ Centers: Still Empty a Year Later

 Over at the national tech website The Verge, Nilay Patel reminds that a year later, Foxconn has still done nothing with the ‘innovation’ centers that foreign corporation promised it would open around the state. They’re still empty: 

The Foxconn “innovation center” in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on April 10th, 2020 Photo by Matt Jewell



In Whitewater, the ‘Greater Whitewater’ Committee – the business league of a few local men (a landlord and a public relations man, mostly) – touted Foxconn at one of their meetings. See A Sham News Story on Foxconn.

One can make lemonade from Foxconn’s lemons. If the promoters of corporate welfare are looking for a new clubhouse for their organization, they need only contact Foxconn’s Taiwanese ownership.

There’s plenty of available space, suitable for immediate occupancy.

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4 years ago

The obvious use for the “Innovation Centers” is as COVID-19 wards. They are empty, and Foxconn doesn’t have any other use for them. The only reason the innovation centers even exist is because Walker needed some propping up in the hustings. That didn’t work, and so they are now surplus.

From an engineering standpoint, the whole concept of distributed innovation centers didn’t make a lot of sense, anyway. They would have causes an unnecessary waste of travel time back and forth to the mothership in Pleasant Prairie and really would not have been doing much innovation in any case. What innovation they would have done is related to manufacturing and pretty-much requires hands-on activity at the manufacturing facility at PP. Any product design innovation would be teleported in from Taiwan, not done domestically.

The spread-the-wealth-around tactic for getting political buy-in is nothing new. Lockheed, with their bottomless economic sinkhole called the F-35 fighter, showed Foxconn the way. That program would not even exist if they had not sugared every US state and foreign prospective customer with manufacturing contracts.

4 years ago

i like the virus ward idea. these trickle down boys were having sooo much fun until reality showed up with a camera.